Which Gives You the Best Flight: Piaggio or Avanti or King Air?

Traveling by charter allows for more comfort, flexibility, and ease…especially when you select the best aircraft.

When it comes to turboprops, the Piaggio Avanti and King Air are closely ranked. But a more in-depth look shows that the Avanti surpasses the King Air when it comes to things like comfort and efficiency.

If you’ve been considering which aircraft to choose for your next flight, check out our comparison of the Piaggio and King Air below.

It’s Bigger Inside

From a traveler’s perspective, the most immediate difference between the Avanti and King Air is the cabin space. At 5.9 feet tall and 6.1 feet wide, the Avanti’s cabin space is 20% taller and 26% wider than the King Air 350. That means passengers can comfortably stand or stretch out as they travel.

And More Comfortable, Too

But the Avanti has less obvious advantages, too—like noise and pressure reduction.

Because the Avanti can fly 6,000 feet higher than the King Air (41,000 feet vs. 35,000 feet), it has more options for avoiding weather and turbulence. That amounts to a smoother and quieter ride. The Avanti can also maintain Sea Level cabin pressure or 9,000 more feet than the King Air 350, so passengers will experience fewer changes in pressure.

The Avanti’s unique fuselage design — created by three lifting surfaces on the forward wing, plus aft engines and a main wing that is positioned behind the cabin space – also means less engine noise. The decibel level in the passenger space is comparable to a jet engine, not a turboprop.

It’s Faster and More Versatile

The Avanti’s supreme aerodynamic design allows it to travel faster than the King Air. The max cruise speed for the Avanti is 18 km/h faster than the King Air 350 (745 km/h vs. 577 km/hr). And the Avanti can reach a destination 500 nautical miles away and return again without refueling. This amounts to lower fuel costs and lower CO2 emissions (2110 lbs for the Avanti vs. 2778 lbs for the King Air).

Plus, the Avanti has more flexibility when it comes to landing on shorter runways and at elevated airports. That means more direct-to-destination options for travelers.

It’s Cheaper

Due to the Piaggio’s faster speed and efficiency with fuel, you save money per hour on each flight. In fact, a flight to the same destination will cost 25% less on the Piaggio than on the King Air.
So next time you are considering a charter flight or shared ownership of an aircraft, take a second look at the sky’s most visually stunning aircraft. Because who wouldn’t want to travel on an aircraft that performs as well as it looks?